February 3, 2007


I miss COLLEGE. I miss new books and new professors and new students. I miss the campus and setting my own schedule. I wish there was a community college around here so at least I could take a course here and there. I have taken a Adult Community Education class or two, but they are not on a campus. I even miss late nights in the library and the computer science lab. The EMU is also a fond memory even if it was uglier than 10 devil monkeys. And who can forget the Fishbowl in the EMU. You have seen it if you remember the infamous food fight in Animal House. Remember "I'm a zit!" classic college. Not the college I miss however. I only went to a couple frat parties and they were seriously lame. My favorite parties were the traveling kind. Because Mar-Tin and I were so cool that the parties we went to we took to the next one. Anyway one Halloween that happened. I do miss the wild parties and meeting new people all the time but my favorite memories are going to class. Each new class I would promise myself I would shut up and each class I participated. I am a sucker for a question and a too long pause, that and I really like my own opinions. College is where I learned my favorite Dorothy Parker quotation: "I am not great enough to be modest."

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