February 22, 2007

Political Center

I found this over at Jamie's blog. She lives in Livingston (where I get to spend most my days) and blogs about her beautiful family and adventures therein. I took this political quiz. I scored pretty low which I think means that it is a Right biased test. I scored a 17 out of 40 just about dead center. I fall between Bill Clinton and Colin Powell. I am a conservative democrat. Meaning I wish we could all get stuff done and stop bickering about partisan bullshit. Even though I am curbing my swearing I cannot bring myself to put a star where the i goes in shit. I may mellow politically and as an ass kicking strident feminist, but I am not sure my love of cussing will go away. I will just secretly say them in my head.


Julia said...

I guess that I am not as lib as I thought I was....I rate between Jesse and Hillery .... it is good to know where you stand. thank for the opp!

bellemanda said...

My hubbie took the test and he scored more liberal at 24 than he thinks is necessary. and I not as liberal as I think I am. So I think it is because the test is based on 1994 issues which are drastically different now. 1994 what a year. Clintons in full swing trying to get socialized universal healthcare. Me still in High School.

Michael, do you think its different from 1994 and how so? And why can I not see your profile?

Thanks for reading.