March 25, 2007

Klingon Karaoke

My good friend Mar-tin created this video of a night back in 2003 when I was a wild single girl. Don't ask me why I was doing that because honestly I don't remember. I do remember the night though and it was quite a bit of fun. The Klingon really did sing in Klingon! Nothing like "Fools Rush In" in guttural sputtering Klingon. It is so nice to remember having friends and time to do crazy stuff. Perhaps I work on my party tricks again like tearing my sleeves off or a phone book in two.


Anonymous said...

Why were you smelling my armpit?

bellemanda said...

Honestly I don't remember. I hope it was because it smelled really nice, though with all of that smoke in the air I don't know how I would have smelled anything good or bad. I laughed really hard when i saw that. What a picture to take. Was I the only one to smell your armpit? Was yours the only armpit I smelled? There are so many questions in this slide show. Really where is the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale?

Julia said...

hey, was that martin that lost the battle with the phone book? sad to have to crawl out from under a phone book..
and WHY is the only photo where neither of you look totally looped is the one she is smelling his pit???
How sobering

bellemanda said...

Yes and Yes. I am sure that sobered me right up. Too bad it couldn't have happened before the sniff test. It actually looked like Mar-tin was attacked by the phone book. I suppose it was the Portland and Vancouver edition.