April 28, 2007

Notes under the wiper

I wrote a note today and carefully placed it under a Harley Davidson Edition Power Stroke Diesel Dodge pickup windshield wiper. I am not the sort that normally leaves notes because I was so deeply offended when I received one in a Burger King parking lot in Corvallis Oregon:

Nice Parking Job Bone Head
I circled my car (my little Toady 1980 Corolla station wagon) and all four tires where within the yellow lines. To this day I think of this note as I park. I guess that is the power of succinct writing.

In Bozeman today we sat in our old Ford pick-up eating Taco Bells. Husband had just ran back to get a bean burrito for the little big man in the middle of a meltdown. I noticed two german shepards in the back of a pick-up across the parking lot unhappily yipping. I was negotiating lunch with little man when howls of terror echoed through my skull. I whipped around to see that one of the German Shepard had jumped out of the truck and was dangling by his neck. I knew if I went to help I might get bit. I am glad to say that two strong strangers ran up and put the dog back in. So I wrote a note to the driver:
Your dog fell out of the back of your truck and dangled by its neck. Two strong strangers put it into the truck bed. They could have been bitten. Do something nice for someone today.

So why do I feel that their truck was too aggressive and new for them to be the kind of people that would anyone today? I guess it is because on the road I notice the big trucks driving like jerks the most. And I notice drivers of big trucks that cannot handle their tool. I just hope the dog is ok.

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