April 7, 2007

Ode to Eve

One of my dearest friends is flying out from the West Coast to see me today! I am very excited and crossing my fingers that she doesn't see too many tantrums from the precocious (is that how you spell precious for a toddler?) 20 month old. So. In honor of Eve I am posting about why she is one of the most surprising, fun, cool women I have ever met.

She has an angelic face but a devilish sense of humor. She looks straitlaced, but she isn't. My favorite memories of her are working with her at a yucky corporate company because she always made it fun to work. While working with her I learned what a good head she's got on her shoulders and she is proving it by being a junior at U.P. studying Engineering. Another favorite memory is driving the coastal highway on a warm sunny day. We laughed and listened to Tom Petty and other heart breakers. We discovered for ourselves the wonders of Oswald West Park and the beautiful surfing there... Read half naked sun kissed men. (Sleep warmed and sun kissed is how I like my men... I am very happy summer is coming!) Don't worry we didn't take any of the natural wonders home for ourselves because then what would be left for the rest of you? Good Times.

Eve Married Bryce and all is well. She is coming to visit me and I am VERY happy. Today I think we will go to Pine Creek and I will show her Paradise Valley. Tomorrow I will take her up to the head of the Shields river. It is so beautiful here, we may not have the lush valleys overflowing with Rhododendrons but we have purple mountains majesty and amber waves of -- well-- dead grasses right now.


Anonymous said...

I heard that she's not allowed back in Oregon unless she brings her brother some beer. Is that true?

Julia said...

montana beer??????????? yuck!

I thought her brother had better taste than that.

bellemanda said...

She wasn't allowed on the plane with the booze. If her brother wants some he can come and get it. (or I might send some)... There really isn't any good stuff here though except Neptune Brewery's Toad Back Bock. hmmm toad back bock.

Eve said...

You try getting onto a plane with liquids. I got harrassed for having my tolietries in a gallon sized ziploc instead of a quart size.