May 19, 2007


It has been a lovely year for flowering trees and shrubbery. These gorgeous lilacs live in our front yard and may soon belong to someone else. Yes our house is under contract and we are looking to move to the horribly bloated realty market of Livingston, MT. I am also working more and I have been surprisingly busy.

Little big man is really a handfull right now. Literally turing away for a second is not safe so my eyes have been glued to him. Sometimes they feel quite literally glued to him as he cheerfully labels them eyes and digs his precious finger into the lid.

He is also growing like a weed and taking leaps in language. He is using I and Me and please and thank yous. He says I love you mama, and really it makes me want to have 3 more. Then he says no and laughs his woodpecker laugh and runs towards the street and makes me what to have 0 more.

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Eve said...

As my mom would say, you gotta be pregnant at least twice because it's a whole different experience the second time around.

martin said...

Our Mom said that, Eve? Oh, great.