June 24, 2007

WARNING! Previously Frozen Batteries are DANGEROUS

WE just had a very near miss. Little Man loves flashlights. I let him play with some of them that are not super bright. Tonight he played with this one. It resided in the camper through the winter. He came running up to me after bath and jammies yelling "mess, mess" I thought he was saying mice mice and I was confused. Then I saw slick stuff on his hands. I rushed to the bath room and started washing. T and J were asking me what was wrong so I told them he had something on him. It felt like oil. Then I started to feel it burn where he was grabbing me. I ignored it because I needed to get it all off of him. I stripped him. Then I went to dry him off and left him with his dadda J. I tried to rinse my arm off but it just kept stinging. By this time Nana T figured out it was battery acid. I freaked out. I started a cool bath and ran and got him. J gave him a bath and because he works with battery acid he told me to sprinkle baking soda on it. I did and it burned more. Little big man is sleeping and burn free. Thank god. Thank the sweet merciful mother of god. Thank the little smart boy for running to his mama and yelling mess instead of getting any in his eyes. So. Beware of batteries that have frozen they can break and leak battery acid. I would never have forgiven myself if my ignorance had cost my beloved angel boy his vision or anything else. I have a burn and I think the only solace for it is a beer.

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