July 12, 2007

Why does the Dryer leave my Panties so wet?

We bought some High Effeciency appliances: a washer and a dryer by Fisher and Paykel. It is a top loading washer and a top loading dryer. The washer is a front loader that is just loaded from the top. The dryer sounds like a spaceship when you press the engage button. Really. It is very sexy.

I pause to listen to it with each sultry cycle.


oregone said...

Most Clever Title Ever.

Unknown said...

It really is the most clever title, but I'm ashamed to admit that it took me a few reads to get it. And my mind is ALWAYS in the gutter! ;)

bellemanda said...

sweet merciful double entendre. Really it is quite vulgar of me to say. It still makes me blush to think I wrote that, then again, the dryer makes me blush too.