September 9, 2007

Creative Facial Hair

Usually, I am not a fan of creative facial hair. Of course, I have exceptions. Really it is about the level of creativity. If you do it, I say do it all the way! In England we find 365 Britons. It has a series on a Facial Hair competition. Meet the Judges:
I thought they far out waxed the competition!

Fall is here in the Rockies and I am excitedly waiting for my husband to grow his winter beard. I love facial hair, just not Civil War re-enactor style.

What about you? Do you prefer facial hair? Any particular shape? I like the full beard with a trimmed interior. Which one do you dislike the most? For me it is #6!(just another quick question: do you think those judges wax everyday?)


Eve said...

I seem to remember the bartenders at the Barley Mill having some pretty creative facial hair.

I dislike #1 the most. Not only is it too Miami Vice, but kissing would be a pain after a while. I wouldn't wanna walk around looking like I have a rug burn on my face.

oregone said...

I'm kinda going for #7 these days minus the 'stache. I'm trying to grow something for Henry to pull on. You can kinda see it here:

Julia said...

these boys must be members of the odd fellows lodge