September 6, 2007

Wild Eyed and Foot Loose

I think I have mentioned I am just a little neurotic about taking pictures of me. So here are more. I got ready for a night out with the girls. I had a new outfit and a new bra. I felt pretty damned snazzy. Too bad I go out with the prettiest girls in Livingston and am chopped liver next to them. I like the lighting which looks industrial and the poses which look boudoir. Classy juxtaposition. See my zippy red hair?
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Eve said...

You look great! Such a hottie. You been working out?

bellemanda said...

Why yes I have! Nice of you to notice. I have been biking a few miles to work everyday. At 6:30 am.

oregone said...

Yeah, you kinda look like you did in college there. Especially pic #3. It's kind of a "come-hither-but-hold-on-to-your-sack" kind of look.