August 27, 2008


I woke up this morning with an REO Speed Wagon song in my head.  I gonna keep on lovin’ you.  If it’s the last thing I’m gonna do. I don’t want to sleep….  And it continues.  Then I remembered my dream.  I was watching/was  a girl with a boyfriend who was making fun of her fairy belt buckle. She  said, she didn’t think it was emasculating at all.  So she went to the coffee shop he worked at and started asking his boss questions.  Like “would you eat a sesame cold noodle salad? Would you listen to ABBA?  Would you wear a fairy belt buckle?”  The answer to all three from the brown haired boss was yes.  She thought this was entirely redeeming of the fairy belt buckle.  Then she went to a WWE wrestling match where all the girls were bumping chests and saying RA and wearing pink fairy tutus.  Supporting wrestler “Fairy Avenger”  he was a big deal.  At least I am not searching for a clean toilet in public restrooms any longer.  I think the pink fairy avenger is a little more entertaining.

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