September 24, 2008

Memory Loss

I have been suffering from memory loss. Not just forgetting the fact that I disliked jam music like Neil Young and the Grateful Dead. I have been longing to hear them in a bar, out on the sidewalk, with a pint. Of course I am not listening to them now. I am listening to the Flaming Lips, which I know I didn't like before Yoshimi.

So, memory loss, on the way home I was writing a killer blog entry. It was personal and funny even a little heart warming. Which I have no recollection of now- except the nagging feeling of loss. But I have a sweet ice-cold Jameson in from of me and I am happy. I have been googling all sorts of things for work lately, and finding answers, all the answers but what I was thinking three hours ago. I have had several good ideas lately. Like-- Why can't they get GPS working well enough to drive my car so I can sleep or play with Little Big Man in the car? And how can I rig a system so I know if my teenage son (speed 10 years into the future) leaves the house. I am positive I can rig a baby monitor and a personal security device to do the job, though I am pretty sure I will need to attach it from outside and inside so that he would have to be very coordinated with his posse which would break him out. I can remember what I dreamt about last week, but I cannot remember the solutions I had to... I am not even sure what I solved. I thought it was important.

Back to Memory loss. I wonder if there is some tea form of Ritalin. Cause I think there is just too much to pay attention to. I have little big man that is running in all directions, the money running out of our bank account like sand in a sieve, and working with nasty people, and family moving away, and missing Oregon, and shoot, just too much. then I find out that Lohan AND Aiken are gay. Then I find out that LHC may eat the world inside out, but I will have to wait several months to know. Why can't anything happen instantaneously? That would help my ML. I could just beam it from my brain to somewhere. I am trying to carry a notebook to notate all my brilliance. Writing while driving seems less than brilliant to me, somehow. I have seen it done though.

My Jameson on the rocks is gone. So I am off to bed.


Samantha said...

That's a great post. Did you know that memory loss can be treated. has plenty of methods and techniques that you can use to improve your memory condition. You might want to give it a shot.

Eve said...

They're building a new John Deer at the Donald/Aurora exit off I-5. There's more I'd like to say, but I think I need to read this blog again. Preferably with a Jameson in hand.