September 18, 2006

Snacks for Champs

My mother and mother-in-law visited me in my little home today. I showed them the re-arranged rooms and we went out to lunch. We also visted the little store here. I tell you there are some really stupid people in the world. The checker was right up there with the best of the popped light bulbs. My mom bought 2 NECCO wafers at $.59 each. This should ring up as $1.18. The checker rung one up on the touch screen fairly easy to use cash register and requested that my mother pay $.59. My mom pointed at the other NECCO treat she was trying to buy. The woman said $.59. My mom said loudly hoping some other employee would hear "Oh its a 2 for one sale?" and gave the $1.18. The cachier gave $.59 back to my mom. She decided it was time to move on.

My mother-in-law found a good deal on peaches $.69 cents a pound. She had about 20 peaches and each peach was large probably over a quarter pound. The above mentioned cachier carefully weighed the plastic bag of peaches and looked at the flat screen and said "$.69 please." Of course my mother in law questioned that the bag was only one pound. The cachier said, yes it is "$.69 please." My mother in law finally talked her into acctually charging what they were worth.

We went for a drive through the countryside and enjoyed the blues and yellows and whites. The Crazy Mountains have a fresh dusting of snow. It was lovely. lovely lovely. My mother offered me one of the aforementioned NECCO wafers. I took it and got an orange and grey wafer. I tried the orange one. PUKE. it is a disgusting chaulky nasty chemical tasting chicklet of shit! I gave the otherone back. My mother-in-law ate it and a putrid black licorice rank odor filled the car. It turned my stomach. I felt like I had just gone from zero to 10 G's. I rolled down the window and the crisp fall air helped my ralph-reflex. As I am not shy about how I fell both women got to hear how I felt. My mother said "My mom taught me to love NECCO wafers" This was my beloved grandma of course and I mentioned that she also loved Pinkies and Marshmellow Peanuts. Both of which I hate with the passion of 45 devils!

When I went back to the store for spuds for our dinner I decided that I did like some things my Grandma loved. I love homemade baked macaroni and cheese with peas. I love popcorn (just not with milk). I love the smell of Ciara. I love traveling. I love my mother. I love buttermints and peanuts. Which i am eating tonight. I love you gradma. I miss you. You would love my son and the young man my brother is becoming.

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