December 27, 2006

This I have learned

When peeling thin skinned vegetables with a swivel peeling device, it is best the peel the thicker part of the vegetable first. This affords more friction with the thinner part in your hand. The when the vegetable is flipped to peel the thin end there is a larger area for holding and avoid slipping injuries.

I worked this out all by myself. However I never remember it till about halfway through the process of peeling the thin side first that I remember my afformentioned epiphany. Why is the scheme I have for peeling carrots or yams backwards from the best method. I am perhaps a creature of habit and I didn't realize it.

Do you have ways of doing something that you know there are better ways but you keep doing it the same old way? (I have to include a nudge nudge wink wink here for some reason...)

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