February 22, 2007

Best Songs when feeling down

So I have had a few this evening. I am at home after a kind of rough day thinking about the good old days. But really they weren't so good. I would not trade any today for a yesterday.
However a little bit of nostalgia reminds me of a couple things. the cool songs i used to listen to and nostalgia.

Best 5 songs to listen to while on a down swing (I will post again on an upswing of the songs to listen to):
tell me more by nina simone
screenwriters blues by soul coughing
dear god by xtc
honey white by morphine
jolene by cake

bonus track: polyester bride by liz phair (pre- fuck off fans mode)

another bonus track: ghost by neutral milk hotel

Nostalgia. When did the nation start longing no yearning for the seventies? A horrible polyester clad decade is currently getting a face lift from the commercial sector. They are advertising IRAs and Diamonds to the rebel and "I never promised you a rose garden" generation. It is almost enough to make me Ralph how they are sentimentalizing it. But then again, I like the 20s and other decades that had their share of negatives. I think I am taken back by the blatant commercialization of it that chaps my hide. The rebels of the sexual revolution are now looking for a secure retirement. Ewww secure future, got enough penicillin, straightened up before AIDS, ewww Dennis Hopper can sell you financial services. I would like to stress that it is the commercials that bother me not the people.

So 2 questions for my gentle readers (please leave comments):
1. What are your down swing songs?
2. Do you see the beginnings of 70's nostalgia or has it been around for a long time and I am just catching on?


bellemanda said...

a comment upon myself as tonight I am shameless.

Amy Winehouse: Rehab and You know I'm no Good.

She is my favorite right now.

-- exxes and ohhs amanda

Anonymous said...


The song at the end of this link is a pretty good one, too.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, the two songs at the end of the above link are perfect for what you're looking for.

bellemanda said...

thank you anonymous, I am checking them out. I love the Sarah Assbring El Perro Del Mar. I also am enjoying Doug Martsch but then I also like Built to Spill. "I can't get that sound you make out of my head. I can't even figure out whats makeing it."

bellemanda said...

Doug Martsch "Heart" is perfect. Except the line "makeing friends you really don't need" as I don't have any (outside of the family friends) here in Livingston I really need a friend.

Jamie said...

Hi, belle--it's Jamie in Livingston. I followed the link from your comment and checked you out. Let me just tell you that bad words don't bother me, as I am partial to damn, hell, and ass on a regualr basis (as prim as I try to be, I have to admit that "ass" with just about any prefux cracks me up, it's one of my FAVORITE words). I just keep my blog super-clean because my Grandma reads it every day down in Tucson! And by the way, I noticed the whole 70's lameness when I was shopping a couple of years ago and as I looked at the clothes, I thought to myself, "This is what my babysitters wore! And, yikes, these were the colors at my mom's wedding!" NO JOKE! And by the way, the Sundays'
"Summertime" and my mix CD of old pop-hip-hop songs are two things that always cheer me up (Bust a Move, No Scrubs by TLC, Baby Got Back, Sabotage by Beastie Boys, etc)...and XTC Skylarking is one of my all time favorite CDs.

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't bookmarked it yet, here's a good one.

The 4th one down.