May 31, 2007

Nevada City, Montana

We went to Virginia City and Nevada City today. It was lovely. Little bit could not have been more delightful. He was happy and bubbly and friendly to all the other tourists. Lunch even went well. He actually fell asleep on the train back from Nevada City to Virginia City. He fights falling asleep in the car, but here he just cuddled up to me and was out. My god I love that boy. I have a photo set over at of Nevada City.


Julia said...

What a wonderful bunch of photos...
what a day for you all!
I know you took the train but did you get a stage ride too?

Love you all,

bellemanda said...

We didn't take the stagecoach. Little bit was so tired he fell asleep right after the train ride too. so there was really no time for it. we will go again on a weekend when the big steam engine is out and take a coach ride then too. he loves horses.