September 22, 2008

Votes. go back to the Salon?

Should I go back to the salon? I feel like my hair walked out of 1983. I said back to my natural color and this is what I got. I hate going to th the salon.
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Julia said...

your hair looks very pretty to me...
but if you had your heart set on something else I understand the question for sure... do you like the cut she gave you???

Karen said...

I think it's pretty too, but if you think it's too light, call her and ask her to put some lowlights in. Even if just around your face, you'll feel like it's not so light. I got some highlights once and there was a big chunk of blonde right in my bangs. George was calling me the bride of frankenstein. LOL Never quite know what you're getting yourself into with color. Make sure and post an updated picture if you have her change it!